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BPK offers you 4- and 5-axis machining centers from stock in St. Petersburg.

 5-axis machining centers:

  • Machining center mod. MC-1000 with turning function
  • Machining center mod. UMC-1000
  • Machining center mod.  HSM-5X
  • Machining center mod.  MCU-5X
  • Machining center mod. . DC-12

MC-1000-01.jpg  UMC-1000-01.jpg

HSM-5X-01.jpg  MCU-5X-01.jpg


 5-axis machining centers:

  • Horizontal boring machine mod. HBM-4T
  • Horizontal boring machine mod. HBM-6T
  • Horizontal boring machine mod. HBM-6TU
  • Horizontal machining centwr mod. MH550

HBM-4T-01.jpg  HBM-6T-01.jpg

HBM-6TU-01.jpg  MH550-01.jpg   

For purchasing equipment, you can contact our specialists:
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