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Over the years, the BPK has come a long way from modernization of metalworking equipment to exclusive dealership and production of machine tools in Russia.

We have 4 production sites: research and production complex BPK-NORTH, plant for the production of machine tool units BPK-SOUTH (St. Petersburg), machine-tool plant "Sasta", "Sasovo foundry" (Sasovo, Ryazan region).

We cooperate with leading machine-building plants and universities of the country, we have one of the best service departments, a department for advanced developments and our own Design Bureau.

In our state, including plants in the Ryazan region, 800 highly qualified specialists.

Together with Polytech and Moscow State Technical University Stankin, we are actively engaged in scientific activities: R&D in the field of mechanical engineering and materials science, patents for unique hybrid additive installations have been obtained, and active research is underway within the concept of digital production.

We sincerely express our gratitude to our partners and employees! We are sure that new discoveries and successful projects are ahead of us! Thanks to everyone who has been with us these 20 years!

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