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The machine-tool plant "SASTA" is a Russian enterprise with a half-century history, one of the few that has preserved and inherited the best traditions of the Soviet machine-tool industry.

The machine tools of the plant have established themselves as quality and reliable equipment known throughout the world. Products "Sasta" is supplied to machine-building enterprises in Russia, as well as for export.

The Sasovo plant is one of the few who managed to carry through the difficult years a high production culture, technical potential, engineering and working cadre staff.

The main activity of the modern "Sasta" is a complete cycle of production of metal-cutting machine tools: from design and casting to final assembly. The plant has all 6 technological repartitions, which are necessary for work in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 719.

Production areas of the plant are more than 75,000 square meters. m.

The technological capabilities of the enterprise allow producing products of any complexity:

  • horizontal lathes

  • Inclined Lathes

  • Turning and milling machining centers

  • Turning machining centers with passports

  • turning lathe machining centers

  • pipe-cutting machines

Accuracy and reliability of the machines "Sasta" is guaranteed by a closed production cycle: the most important machine components are manufactured and processed directly at the factory.

One of the most important advantages of "Sasta" is its own foundry, which has technological flexibility, as well as the ability to produce cast iron in single or batch production.

The parts of the foundry are equipped with molding equipment using high-speed mixers of the third generation and mechanical regeneration of the molding mixture, automated line of moldless molding, induction melting plants.

Embedded technology on cold-hardening mixtures allows to obtain forms of high dimensional accuracy, which makes it possible to produce any castings with minimal allowances for machining.

Finished casting has a high surface quality without metallized and chemical fumes. The factory laboratory is equipped with equipment that allows to carry out all necessary types of control: from analysis of incoming materials, control of the chemical composition of the melt and the microstructure of the castings.

Own foundry production provides the output of the main machine components: stands, body parts, spindles and supports.

The machine-tool plant "Sasta" carries out mechanical processing of complex hull parts. Machine park of the plant has more than 200 pieces of equipment, among which there is a unique:

  • the Toyoda automatic line consisting of two Toyoda FA800S processing centers, with the possibility of continuous uninterrupted operation for 72 hours without operator involvement. The line includes a billet feeding system consisting of 50 exchangeable pallets, as well as an automatic tool changer system for 330 positions.

  • 5-axis portal machining center Micromat, designed to handle large-sized parts with a particularly high precision. Precision accuracy is provided by the temperature control system on the main machine components.

  • The round-grinding machine Studer, on which the spindle knots are machined.

  • horizontally-boring;

  • longitudinal milling machining centers;

  • longitudinally-grinding machining centers;

  • planing machines;  

  • intra-grinding equipment;

  • gear-milling and gear grinding machines;

  • turning machining centers;

  • milling machining centers;

  • hydraulic and laser cutting machines

  • sheet bending equipment;

  • also used equipment of its own production: turning and turning-milling centers "Sasta".


At the moment, there is a gradual modernization and technical re-equipment of production.
The machine-tool plant "Sasta" applies progressive achievements in the field of labor organization, including the system of lean manufacturing, which helps to reduce costs and exclude production marriages. Quality monitoring and control systems have been implemented.

  The In the near future, the resumption of export of Sasta machines to the world market.